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The Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health (DCPAH) is a full-service veterinary diagnostic laboratory offering more than 800 tests in 11 service sections. In the more than 30 years since its inception, DCPAH has become one of the country's premier veterinary diagnostic laboratories, handling more than 220,000 cases involving approximately 1.5 million tests annually.

The Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health is an invaluable professional resource, making quality, trusted, and comprehensive veterinary diagnostics widely available. Income from the laboratory is reinvested in teaching, research, and outreach for the purpose of protecting human and animal welfare domestically and around the world.

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The DCPAH quarterly newsletter for clients is back! It has a new look, a new name, and the same great content you've come to expect from our experts. Check out Diagnostic News for diagnostic- and disease-related information and articles for practitioners, and DCPAH business tips and updates for clinic staff.

Archives of our past DCPAHealth News are still available.

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Getting Your Samples to DCPAH via UPS
It should be easy to get your samples to us using our new UPS mailers. You can:

Give your package to any UPS driver making a delivery or already scheduled pick-up. You can actually give it to any driver--next door, across the street, anywhere!

Drop it off at any UPS location. Search for the site closest to you here: https://www.ups.com/dropoff. We recommend using a staffed facility rather than a drop-box.

Schedule a pick-up by calling UPS at 800.742.5877. Press 0-0-0 to bypass the menu and proceed directly to the preferred customer support team. (You may need to press 0-0-0 twice.) You will need to provide the tracking number for your package as well as the time it will be ready. Same day pick-up times vary by location--it's best to plan ahead and call early. There is no charge to DCPAH clients for scheduled pick-up.

These and more instructions about shipping specimens to us are available here on our website:

Instructions for Biopsy Mailers
Instructions for Insulated Mailers
Instructions for Small Mailers

Also see more details about our switch to UPS: DCPAH Shipping Solutions--Now with UPS Overnight Delivery.

To our clients who have experienced challenges scheduling pick-ups, we sincerely apologize. UPS is working with us (and with you!) to help make this a smooth and convenient process. Thank you for your patience, your feedback, and your business.

DCPAH Shipping Solutions - Now with UPS Overnight Delivery
UPDATE, July 2, 2014 - To ensure the most seamless transition possible to our clients, we are temporarily delaying our switch to UPS as DCPAH's preferred commercial shipping service. July 1, 2014 will no longer be the effective date of the transition. The change will occur on Monday, July 7. Thank you for your patience as we confirm final details to make this change even more beneficial to our clients. Please continue reading for more information on this pending change.

UPS will soon be DCPAH's preferred commercial shipping service. Pre-paid, overnight shipping solutions will include UPS return delivery instead of FedEx. As with our previous FedEx delivery, all DCPAH shipping solutions purchased with UPS delivery will have guaranteed overnight delivery Monday-Friday. For those submitting samples that need Saturday delivery, we are adding a Saturday Delivery Billable Stamp to our Product Order Form. Because we know there are clients who wish to continue using FedEx for sample submission, we are also adding a FedEx Billable Stamp to our list of shipping solutions. This discounted shipping label does not include additional packaging material.

Orders currently placed for mailing supplies with overnight return delivery will come with FedEx return labels. These and FedEx mailers clients may already have in stock can continue to be used. Orders placed on or after July 7, 2014 will include UPS return shipping. Our new Saturday Delivery and FedEx billable stamps will be available for ordering at that time.

For more information, please see our UPS Shipping Solutions announcement.

We believe these changes in our preferred commercial delivery service will be a positive change for DCPAH clients. Please tell us how it's working for you the next time you call the lab.

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Changes in Endocrinology Reference Ranges
An update from Kent Refsal, Endocrinology Acting Section Chief

June 12, 2014 - In the past several months, two prominent manufacturers have announced discontinuation of radioiodine-based hormone immunoassays commonly used in veterinary endocrine laboratories. The DCPAH Endocrinology Section has been in the process of evaluating replacements for the discontinued assays and will make transitions as suitable reagents are identified.

The first changes have just been implemented for total T4, standard profile free T4, and free T3 assays. While results of hormone assays from different manufacturers are generally highly correlated, there can be differences in numerical values from one kit to another. As a result of numerical differences, changes in reference ranges will be made when appropriate.

The first changes have just been made in feline thyroid profiles. Please take note of the reference ranges on your laboratory reports and note that further revisions will be made as needed. An updated Endocrinology Reference Range document can be accessed here on our website under Diagnostic Sections > Endocrinology.

The equilibrium dialysis free T4 assay used in premium thyroid profiles is not affected and will now be used as the free T4 assay in OFA Canine Thyroid Registry profiles. Changeovers of other assays will occur throughout the summer and into the fall and will be communicated as they are implemented.

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